Coke Side of Life


Coke Side of Life - November 3, 2007
Series of Coke cans with Thai art...
Left: Bangkok by Pattreeda Prasarnthong
Middle: Southern Thailand by Asadawut Luangsuntorn
Right: Northern Thailand by Doytibet Duchanee

And somewhere deep within the Flash site:
Our response to the rumor about counterfeit products:
We have recently learned of a false rumor, circulating by email via the Internet, about a supposed employee of ThaiNamthip, part of Coca-Cola System in Thailand talking about incidents of counterfeit products in the market.
These Internet rumors have no basis in fact and the name of the supposed ThaiNamthip employee referenced in the Internet posting is entirely made up and not real.
Our priority, as always, is consumer safety and we maintain the highest international quality standards in our manufacturing processes of our beverages.  
Our name and trademarks were used in this instance without permission and we are currently investigating the situation. In the meantime, if consumers have any concerns they are welcome to contact our Consumer Information Center at 02 955 0888 or at a toll free number 1800 2 95555.

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