Underground Cable Plan

Sensible project - translated and summarized from Komchadluek, November 3, 2007
The Cabinet has approved a plan by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) to spend over 70 billion baht on a project to place all its Bangkok electricity trunk cables underground. The project’s objectives include making the city more livable, and allowing more space for trees to grow on roadsides. It is hoped that this latter objective will also contribute to the easing of global warming, and reduce the city’s air pollution.
Many consider the MEA project to be a highly sensible one, in spite of the very large amount of money involved. The project will hopefully also have a beneficial effect on Bangkok’s tourist industry - which is one of the most important in the region.
Bangkok currently has less vegetation than other cities of approximately the same size.
It is quite surprising that the government has made such a rapid and definite decision on this project, as it is generally perceived to have been very slow in making decisions on other large projects.
It is imperative, however, that the project is run in a systematic and non-corrupt manner.

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