The Hunt for Ieng Sary in Thailand

The Hunt for Ieng Sary in Thailand - source unknown, October 12, 2007
The Thai Embassy in Cambodia has said that the Thai Government will make efforts to hunt for, arrest, and send back to Cambodia suspected ex-Khmer Rouge [KR] leaders, who should be brought to trial at the KR Tribunal [KRT] if they flee to Thailand.
A local news media quoted a Thai embassy letter as stating on 3 October that the Thai Government, too, had contributed $24,331 toward this tribunal. Therefore, it did not think that the suspects would possibly escape to Thailand. However, the Thai Government would not remain indifferent to this matter if it could actually happen. It would hunt for, arrest, and deport them to Cambodia.
The first secretary of the Thai Embassy to Cambodia, Thitichai Sengpithak said he believed the possibility that the remaining suspects had fled to Thailand was very minimal, because the authorities were watching over them vigilantly.
It should be pointed out that Ieng Sary, former foreign minister of the KR regime, who is likely to be a suspect of the KRT, is currently in Bangkok having a heart checkup.
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