4000 baht annual fee for Thai Amex card?

4000 baht annual fee for Thai Amex card? - October 10, 2007
If you have a Thai-isssued American Express card, you recently received a letter praising your "incredible total" of points earned on the card and reminding you that you have "enjoyed unmatched privileges" over the last year. Finally you are "invited" to keep the card for another year for a "nominal fee of Baht 4,000." This fee represents almost a doubling of the fee over the previous year.
However, Amex is ready for the backlash. Anyone who complains or threatens to cancel the card is routed to a special agent to calm them down and offer them 13,500 Thai Airways points or a 4,000 baht voucher for Emporium/Paragon/Central if they pay the fee and stay with Amex.

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