More bike paths

(Photo: CB)

More bike paths - October 2, 2007
CB reports: The mad bicycle lanes are back – this time on downtown Sukhumvit road. Shortly after they were first painted in, some local wit chalked in “for carts” in Thai at the edges of these new lanes, but today the official painters came back to stencil in icons of a pushbike every 50 meters just in case there is any doubt as to their intention.
I have yet to see an actual live cyclist try to use them – a few passed by on the roadside without imagining they could really use the pavement. However locals are already using them as car parking spaces and a whole row of stalls has been set up across the cycle path at one point. Just like the ill-fated cycle paths on Narathiwat road, the path occasionally disappears for 30-40 meters when the going really gets tough, such as around police boxes...

(Photo: Gigabyte)
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