Vietnam named in globalisation index rankings

Vietnam named in globalisation index rankings - VN Economy, October 30, 2007
At Kearney consulting group and Foreign Policy Magazine have just released the “Globalisation Index 2007”. This is the seventh time this annual index has been released and the first time it has the name of Vietnam, at the 48th position among the total 72 countries and territories reviewed.
...Singapore continues to hold the top position, followed by Hong Kong, which overthrows Switzerland. Malaysia ranks 23rd, falling by four grades. The Philippines also drops by seven grades to 38th, due to the decrease of the foreign investment flow.
Thailand’s position reduces by 8 grades to 53rd, lower than Vietnam though it was in the ranking list in the first year. The reason for its fall is political.
Indonesia is even down by 9 grades, to rank 69th. Though this country doesn’t have especially weak points, it is poor in many globalisation factors, for example personal transfer, (68th), telephone traffic (67th), tourism (65th), and government transfer (67th).
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