Police to announce paedophiles blacklist

Thai cops hunt for dozens of paedophile suspects - Reuters, October 25, 2007
Thai police, who ended a global manhunt with the arrest of a Canadian paedophile suspect last week, are looking for dozens more foreign suspects, mostly Germans, who may be hiding in the country, a senior officer said...

Police to announce paedophiles blacklist - The Nation, October 26, 2007
The Thai police will soon release to the public a list of 50 indicted Western paedophiles and their photographs that it has received from European police, Pol Maj-General Wimol Pao-insaid Friday.
Canadian Christopher Paul Neil, who was arrested last week in Nakhon Ratchasima following a global manhunt, is ranked 13th on the list, said Wimol, commander of the force's Children, Juveniles and Women Division...
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