Something about China Airlines Flight 611 in 2002

Something about China Airlines Flight 611 in 2002 - September 18, 2007
Martin writes: I am a regular reader of 2Bangkok and just wanted to point out, that I remember a fatal accident of a 747 of China Airlines in 2002  in the Straits of Taiwan and know that Orient Thai Airways was named in the news of being somehow involved. After some research I found the following article at Wikipedia.
Orient Thai Airlines had a purchase contract of an old 747 Boeing Jet from China Airlines subject to fly for them from June 2002. The jet was built in 1979 and used by China Airlines. During the last flight of this plane for Chinese Airlines on 25th May 2002,  the plane broke apart due to metal fatigue just after taking off in Hong Kong.
The purchase contract with Orient Thai Airlines was canceled after that, which was supposed to pay 1.4 Mln US$ for the plane. I always remembers this accident, when visiting the Donmuang Airport, after seeing Oriental Thai Airlines and One-Two Go.

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