A Thai Temple in the Sea

A Thai Temple in the Sea - August 15, 2007
Richard writes: There are not many places near Bangkok left untouched by tourists and guidebooks. One of these places is Ban Khun Samut Chin on  the Gulf of Thailand. Due to land erosion in this area, the sea has encroached on the land by more than one kilometre. Many households have moved their houses 3 or 4 times in the last twenty years. One group of people refusing to move are the five monks at Wat Khun Samut. Their temple is now surrounded by the sea at high tide. There are no roads in this area. You will have to go by boat and then walk the remaining two kilometres to this village. You will receive a warm welcome. During our recent visit, the village chief invited us in for a meal and then took our picture. Outsiders are still a novelty here. Full story with pictures and videos. Locate this temple on the map.
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