Anantara Golden Triangle Trumpets 2008 Elephant Polo

Anantara Golden Triangle Trumpets 2008 Elephant Polo - August 25, 2007
Thanks to Don for pointing this out: The King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament has been moved from the first week in September to early next year, March 31 to April 6... It seems that the tournament has been moved back to avoid the heavy rains that are prevalent in the North this time of year. March to April is the height of our dry hot season, not a drop of rain in sight usually. During last year's tourney, in September, it poured a couple of days and soaked the pitch thoroughly. That did cause some problems. There was talk last year of moving the tourney to March and April, but when those months passed THIS year, we thought they had decided against it. My team is a bit disappointed that we must wait a few more months to indulge, as we won't be playing in the exhibition or celebrity matches on September 21 here in Bangkok at the official kick-off for the tournament. We do think it's a little bizarre to have a kick-off this far in advance of the tourney, but hey, this is Thailand. And this will work out rather well for me personally, because I'm doing a 10-day elephant-handling course next May, so that entire period will be some great elephant time for me.

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