Which group to follow?

Which group to follow? - translated and summarized from Manager, by Siang Sao Long, July 22, 2007
1. About the "rumor process" - it is the most powerful weapon. Some groups make the rumor it and post it within the code in some websites. The writer said the ones who spread the rumors should consider themselves. Is this is right or wrong or suitable for society?
2. There is the movement to overthrow the constitution process. One group says if you want a good economy, do not accept the constitution. This group will try its best to object to the constitution.
3. The government side tries to do everything to make people accept the constitution by getting through to people through public health people, teachers, etc.
4. The government, especially the interior ministry, has a project to gain volunteers to develop democracy. Some seemed to be drafted into this hurriedly. It appears the government is controlling this process.
In conclusion, we have to decide between the group that wants to maintain control and the group [of the old power-TRT] that fights every way to survive.

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