Removal Of Thailand From U.S. Trade Representative’s Priority Watch List Would ‘Undermine Rule Of Law’

Removal Of Thailand From U.S. Trade Representative's Priority Watch List Would 'Undermine Rule Of Law' - Medical News Today, July 6, 2007
...The 35 House Democrats, led by Reps. Henry Waxman (Calif.) and Tom Allen (Maine), in a letter released last month criticized Schwab for including Thailand on the list in the trade office's annual report. They also called on Schwab to reverse the designation. "It is difficult to interpret this decision as anything other than retaliation for Thailand's recent" steps to issue compulsory licenses to manufacture generic versions of antiretroviral drugs and other medications, the letter said, adding, "It sends a troubling message, not only to Thailand but to the whole world, that the exercise of recognized public health flexibilities in trade obligations is frowned upon by" the U.S...
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