Say ‘No’ to charter for democracy. Long live hypocrisy!

Thai Talk: Say 'No' to charter for democracy. Long live hypocrisy! - The Nation, August 2, 2007
...That's why you noticed no sense of embarrassment whatsoever when leading members of the Thai Rak Thai Party, who used to pride themselves as being on the "left" during the October uprisings, welcomed the arrival of the country's best-known "right-wing chieftain" into their ranks under the People Power Party. The former arch-rivals have joined together to come to the rescue of the country's most popular capitalist.
In case your memory has been blurred somewhat, remember that the same guy who became a powerful Cabinet member after the bloody, ultra-right military coup on October 6, 1976 is now poised to head a political party that comprises mainly Thai Rak Thai members who have vowed to go against the September 19, 2006 coup!...
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