Bangkok builds on shaky ground

Bangkok builds on shaky ground - IHT, July 7, 2007
...But for Ian Soo, managing director of a high-end real estate agency in Bangkok, all this activity is cause for trepidation, not joy.
In the past six months, inquiries from prospective buyers have fallen by 40 percent, said Soo, who heads Hamptons Property, an agency that sells luxury condominiums and whose clients mostly are foreign expatriates. Prices for the units on Hamptons' rosters range from studios for 4 million baht, or almost $123,000, to three-bedroom units for 60 million baht. "We're probably one of the most aggressive agencies in central Bangkok and, if we're experiencing quiet times, other agencies are probably experiencing something similar or worse," the British transplant said. "It's a buyers' market out there..."
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