Approaching Victory Monument, circa 1960s

Gary W. Kay60s
(Photo: Gary W. Kay)

Approaching Victory Monument, circa 1960s - July 16, 2007

Last week we posted this photo (above).
Gary W. Kay writes: I took that shot of Victory Monument while riding in a cab just before my tour of duty ended in Bangkok in April 1964. The site that posted this photo is, in fact, defunct. However, there is an excellent site with many photos that still endures. It is located at It is made up of stories and photos of U. S. Army Security Agency soldiers who were stationed primarily at Seri Court off Pradiphat Road during my time there from 1962 - 1964. At that time, the unit was designated as the 5th Radio Research Unit. It changed names after I left to the 83rd Radio Research Special Operations Unit. That unit later evolved into the 7th Radio Research Field Station, which was located at Udorn.

Below is another one of his photos from around April 1964 of Pradiphat Road looking towards Seri Court.

Earlier: Saphan Kwai in 1968

(Photo: Gary W. Kay)

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