Thaksin wages war on drugs, but calls Wa his ally?

Thaksin wages war on drugs, but calls Wa his ally? - translated and summarized by Daily News, July 12, 2007
The accompanying map shows certain areas around Baan Ta Ton of Chiang Mai Province's Amphur Mae Ai, which Myanmar people are trying to seize. It is said that Myanmar army entered the areas eight years ago and has been staying there.  Wa is a Myanmar-Chinese tribe in northern Myanmar and Thailand. The tribe has been influenced by Chinese Communist regime. There are around 500,000 people in the tribe. They help Myanmar people fight against the country's enemies. The United Wa State Army (UWSA) is the army of the tribe. Drug kingpin Wei Sia Kang is a commander of the network. During the Thaksin administration, the government fought against drugs and offered assistance to the Wa tribe so that they could earn a living from planting, not selling drugs. The assistance also helped improve the image of the tribe. People doubted the government's move [in supporting this supposed enemy of Thailand].

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