“Naga” photo?

"Naga" photo? - July 14, 2007
A reader reports: I turn to you to look into a questionable picture we saw when we were at Khao Yai.  It was a picture of a Naga. The picture is in the middle of the website, a group of GI's holding a Naga.  It is the same picture we saw in Khao Yai.  I was curious if you ever heard of this - I have to assume it is fake but I admit it is a good job of faking. Do you know anything about it?
That is a real photo of U.S. soldiers (we think in Phuket) holding a deep sea ribbon fish. It has nothing to do with anything that would come out of a river.
Update: Several readers have written to point out that this is an oarfish. More on this photo is here and here and here.

Update 2012: Oarfish hoax: A photograph on display in bars, restaurants, guesthouses and markets around Laos and Thailand that is captioned, "Queen of Nāgas seized by American Army at Mekhong River, Laos Military Base on June 27, 1973 with the length of 7.80 metres," is a hoax. The photograph was taken by Dr. Leo Smith of The Field Museum, of an oarfish found in late 1996 by US Navy SEAL trainees on the coast of Coronado, California, USA.
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