“Presentation and talk on Aura Energy Fields”

"Presentation and talk on Aura Energy Fields" - June 7, 2007
[Thailand seems ripe for these kind of scams...]
From a press release: Meeting on Friday, 8 June 2007 At the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel - Dr John Rogerson on ISIS Aura Energy Field Imaging (intra spectral imaging system)
Date of function : Friday 8, June, 2007
Time of function : 16.00-17.00hrs
Type of Function : Presentation and talk on Aura Energy Fields by Dr John Rogerson from UK, India
Venue : Conference Room A, 9th Floor
Background to John Rogerson, ISIS and MCP Energy Field Imaging Systems
Dr John Rogerson DSc. (Bio Physics) is an advisor to the ICM (Institute of Complementary Medicine UK) co-founder of CHEFR UK Ltd (The Centre for Human Energy Field Research) and a Professor at the Zoroastrian College. He is an ambassador for World Peace and lecturers on complementary medicine.
He specialises in studying 'energy and bio fields, and the efficacy of natural medicines.' He is a certified ISIS and PIP teacher trainer and has completed courses in EleCT, Specialised Kinesiology, Scenar, and is a BESTä System practitioner. He works in India with the UNESCO World Peace Centre at MIT College, The Zoroastrian College, Bharati Vidyapeeth University and in UK and with healthcare and charity organisations...

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