Thai Prison

Thai Prison - May 31, 2007
Richard Barrow: It might not be anything, but I think we will also have a problem with our site. I am being summoned to the prison tomorrow.
The next day: I think things went better than expected. It would seem that they were concerned about the pictures on the website that showed life INSIDE the prison. The Ministry of Corrections in Bangkok thought that one of the prisoners had a camera and was secretly taking pictures! And then had these smuggled out. They kept asking him how he got these pictures out.
As you can see, we have sourced those pictures as which is the Ministry's own website! All of the other pictures taken from the outside are our own and were taken openly.
Secondly, Gor said that the last few days the guards have been hassling him about what he had written in his prison blogs. None of them can read English and I presume they are worried that he might have written something bad about them. He tried to assure them that he only wrote the truth and that in fact he has said that his guards are kind.
They know that Gor has just published his autobiography ("Thailand Life" which is available in Asia Books) and that he is presently writing the second volume which will be about prison life...

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