GET vs Krungthep Thanakom

GET vs Krungthep Thanakom - April 18, 2007
A reader forwards this interesting press release and adds: The company's website is  Honua is the new name of the company in America, but contract was signed as Global Environmental.

Shani Yamada
Global Environmental Technologies
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Krungthep Thanakom Company Goes to Trial in USA
Managing Director Testifies that Krungthep Thanakom Company is Private
Honolulu, HI, USA --April 15, 2007-- For Immediate Release

The Krunghtep Thanakom Company, Ltd. will go to trial in Honolulu, HI, USA against Global Environmental Technologies, “GET.” GET has filed suit in the United States Federal Court aging alleging breach of contract.  GET alleges that it signed a USD 4.3 million purchase order agreement with Krunghtep Thanakom to replace Bangkok’s aging medical waste incinerators with environmentally safe autoclaves and a pyrolysis system.  According to GET, the existing Bangkok incinerators were not compliant with current
environmental standards, and the Krunghtep Thanakom Company and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration wanted to replace them.
Mr. Amorn Kitchawengkul, Managing Director of the Krunghtep Thanakom Company is appearing in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA to represent Krunghtep Thanakom.  The trial is scheduled to start on April 17th and Mr. Kitchawengkul arrived in Hawaii on April 11th.
GET alleges that Krunghtep Thanakom signed the purchase order agreement on October 21, 2003.  GET further alleges witnesses saw the governor of Bangkok, as the representative of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s 99% ownership of the Krunghtep Thanakom Company, direct Mr. Kitchawengkul to sign the purchase agreement.
GET alleges that prior to the contract signing the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Krunghtep Thanakom were represented interchangeably to GET.  Mr. Kitchawengkul has testified that Krungthep Thanakom is a private company.  He also testified that Krungthep Thanakom is 99.98% owned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.  This clearly highlights the need to determine whether Krungthep Thanakom is a private or public entity.  GET is interested to learn of this determination, because if the Krungthep Thanakom Company is found to be public, then the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration may become responsible for any damages awarded to GET.
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