Boxers Named Fighting Illegally in Thailand

'No fight in Thailand policy' effective immediately - Asian Journal, April 5, 2007
...Ermita said this was not the first time that Thai boxing authorities had allowed Filipinos to fight even without GAB's permission.
Ermita said GAB had issued an "urgent appeal" to all licensed managers and promoters "not to place the lives of their boxers at severe risk by violating GAB policies, for the safety of Filipino boxers..."

Thais blamed for tragedy - ABS CBN News, April 3, 2007
Former WBC youth flyweight champion Lito Sisnorio died of head injuries in Thailand early Saturday morning because Thai "mismatchmakers" choose to import inferior opposition for blood-thirsty local fans to enjoy a massacre by a hometown fighter...

Boxers Named - Fighting Illegally in Thailand -, April 3, 2007
...Buhain noted that despite having suspended eleven people last year “there are still unscrupulous people going around looking for Filipino boxers who become punching bags in Thailand” and he would seek the help of the NBI in rounding up the guilty parties and making sure they are prosecuted.
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