Inform the Royal Thai Police

From a flyer handed out in Bangkok:

In trouble, in danger
Treated unfairly
Inform tips of vice and crimes
Please contact:
Complaint Center
Royal Thai Police
Patumwan, Bangkok
or [email protected]
P.O. Box 1234
Rong Muang, Bangkok, 10000
Tel: 0-2251-2891
Hot line center: 1194
Bangkok residents contact the Metropolitan Police Bureau
Provincial residents contact Provincial Police Office

Complaint Center - Royal Thai Police
It is the duty of the Royal Thai Police to keep the society in peace, promote justice and serve the public. We do our duty with patience, honesty and efficiency. To understand people's problems relating to police work, the comprehensive complaint center is established.

1. To offer people more opportunities to submit complaints and problems resulting from police's operation or negligence in carrying out their duty;
2. To receive information and hints about people's problems, unfair treatment, vice, crimes and other illegal activities;
3. To promote justice, offer services and solve people's problems in a fast and transparent manner;
4. To offer people a chance to express their ideas about police's operation;
5. To be used as a tool to examine police's operation; and
6. To bring back people's confidence and build a good image of the Royal Thai Police.

Establishment of Complaint Center
1. The Royal Thai Police: The Office of the Inspector-General set up a complaint center, controlled and supervised by inspectors. The center is open for people nationwide.
2. The Metropolitan Police Bureau: A complaint center was set up at the Metropolitan Police Bureau to receive complaints about problems in Bangkok.
3. Provincial offices: A compliant center was set up at each provincial office to receive complaints in the province.
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