A tale of two newspapers: Removing the Chief of Police

Kowit purged from position of police chief - Bangkok Post, April 25, 2007
...NS chairman Gen Sonthi Boonyaratkalin said Pol Gen Kowit was bitter and dissatisfied over his second transfer and said he would no longer attend CNS meetings.
''In this case, I have to propose the appointment of Pol Gen Seripisuth as a new CNS member without the need to wait for Pol Gen Kowit's resignation,'' Gen Sonthi said.

Seri confirmed as police commander - The Nation, April 25, 2007
...Kowit was content with the move. He was prepared to follow any lawful orders. "I feel no stress or worry. It's fine by me," he said.
Sonthi reportedly wanted Kowit - a close friend and a classmate in their military academy years - to continue to hold the PM's Office post until his retirement in October. Sonthi and Surayud reportedly resolved their differences over this.
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