Complete timetable of railways in Thailand in English

Complete timetable of railways in Thailand in English- April 21, 2007
Dr. Volker Wangemann writes: The great work is done. After two long months I've finished now the new EXCEL-file with the title "COMPLETE TIMETABLE OF RAILWAYS IN THAILAND." This is a very big and long file(1.45 MB and 185 pages in a printer friendly version)! For the first time ever the railway enthusiasts and the normal passenger now will have in his own hands a complete timetable which then will show every passenger train in Thailand with every station/stop,line and timings. It was a real ambitious project, as you couldn't get a complete timetable in Roman characters in Thailand from the SRT before. I do hope that the readers of your side will make a lot of use of these timetables and I do hope that the like the work...
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