Leftover Thaksin

(Source: MCOT website)

Leftover Thaksin - March 6, 2007
We came across this history page for MCOT and noticed Thaksin everywhere.

It was quite common during TRT years for government-connected organizations to promote Thaksin's image wherever possible along with praising the government's activities. Most of this has disappeared since the coup, but this page seems to have been overlooked.

(Source: MCOT website)
More leftovers from the MCOT site - March 7, 2007
SS writes: You are running today this story, Leftover Thaksin. I go there, and decide to look elsewhere on the pages, clicking top left corner "Main page" that links to www.mcot.org as it says also in big letters there (for some reason, and not www.mcot.net). This page goes to the typical "stolen" address, used after expiring web page name, user get carried away to page that sells Cheap Hotel Rooms, discount deals. Instead of MCOT. Funny, and sad at the same time...
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