Fires in Thailand

Fires in Thailand - March 13, 2007
Thanks to several readers who pointed out the following article in answer to the Thailand fires question.

Over 400 children at risk from northern forest fire haze - TNA, March 10, 2007
...The burning of forestry land area has also created air pollution resulting in a smog of small particles of dust in the provincial seat, especially near reservoir in Mae Rim district, an area where bush fires have occurred frequently in the past.
Local residents, both adults and youngsters, often exercise near the reservoir but now must cover their mouths and noses with masks. Many are experiencing breathing difficulty...

A thread on this subject is here.

Earlier: Fires in Thailand? - March 10, 2007
On Wednesday morning, March 7, CNN weather reporter Mari Ramos showed satellite photos showing the extensive agricultural fires in Thailand that were "a problem" right now. However, we have been unable to find any other mention of this elsewhere. have any readers heard anything about this?
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