‘Tribune’ reporter’s fallacy: Thai anti-foreigner sentiment

'Tribune' reporter's fallacy: Thai anti-foreigner sentiment - The Nation, March 23, 2007
I am quite amazed by the thrust of this article, which claims that the Thai people have become anti-foreigner only seven months after the coup...

Earlier: Famed Thai hospitality shows signs of strain - International Herald Tribune, March 20, 2007
Over the past seven months, successive Thai governments have passed measures scrutinizing land purchases by non-Thais and clamping down on long-stay retirees and expatriate workers who lack proper visas. In January, the cabinet passed a sweeping bill that tightened restrictions on foreign companies, a measure that awaits final approval...
"We are getting a lot of weird retirees here," Vongthip said. "They can't survive in your country so they come here."
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