Anderson Cooper: “Shocking and heartbreaking” Thailand

Anderson Cooper "Shocking and heartbreaking" Thailand - March 22, 2007

Victor reports: I know that CNN in Thailand is different from CNN in the United States, but Anderson Cooper is currently doing a news special in Bangkok Thailand, LIVE (7:23 PST). I just thought it was interesting because it seems like he is just standing at the pier by Pratunam, (and not in a news studio). Today's news special is about the black market for animals, slavery and prostitution in Thailand. A dark subject I guess we don't like to talk about, but featured on a 3 hour show in the United States broadcast live tonight!

The following is the detail for the show on CNN.COM: "Tuesday's show - Women and children sold into sexual slavery... endangered wildlife sold illegally on the black market. Anderson is live in Bangkok, Thailand, for a shocking and heartbreaking 360° special investigation. Watch tonight, 10 ET."
I just found this video online.'s about Anderson Cooper's visit to Bangkok - Animal Black Market (Chatuchak Market)

From the transcript: GARY HAUGEN, CEO, INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSION: There really is nothing like the death in the eyes of these children inside these brothels who are just being serially raped...

A thread about this is here.
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