Organ stealing in the Northeast?

Organ stealing in the Northeast? - March 22, 2007
A reader asks: Lately I have seen a bit of news from Thailand about vans appearing in various areas & taking people away - day or night. Suggestions have been: slave traders / slave sex / sex movies / organs for surgery. This appears to be mostly in Isaan. I haven't seen it noted in the Bangkok Post (on-line) as yet & nor on 2bangkok. Are you aware of this tale? If so, is there really any truth behind it? If it is true, are the police doing anything about it?
We got it initially from The reasoning behind these abductions no one is really sure because there have been only a few bodies found and some of those were missing body parts such as eyes, heart, kidney and or liver. Two twins were taken on their way to school with witnesses observing the abduction. Husband and wife abducted, man was drugged by substance being sprayed into his face and he later awoke to see his wife lying next to him with her two eyes removed. 10 year old boy taken and later found covered in field with eyes and heart removed. The strange part of all this is that this is not the first time abductions have happened. Crop planting or harvesting time is the preferred time of these abductions and they have happened a number of years past but never like this current organized high numbers of abductions.

It could not be true though. Organs have to be tissue-typed and then used very quickly--stealing random organs would not be of benefit to anyone. More about organ stealing from which includes the point that organs are useless without testing and quick use.
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