The story of the story of King Naresuan

The story of the story of King Naresuan - The Nation, February 5, 2007
...Prince Damrong's history book was a huge popular success, and became the main source for school textbooks down to the present day. Even so, Naresuan was still not assured of star billing because fashions change. After the absolute monarchy was overthrown in 1932 and the Army took power six years later, many dramas and films were written to celebrate the heroic role of the Army in Thai history, but they steered clear of Naresuan, and cast ordinary folk in the leading roles.
The next Naresuan revival began in the 1960s. Thailand again faced an external threat, this time from the communist states to the east, and a growing revolutionary movement in the countryside. Palace and Army again looked to Naresuan as a great historical symbol of Thailand's ability to defy its enemies. Statues of King Naresuan were erected all over Thailand in places historically associated with his name. Many were built by the army, and some major ones were inaugurated by the King...
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