Reporters without borders: Thailand – Annual report 2007

Reports without borders: Thailand - Annual report 2007 - February 3, 2007
...The press, which was mostly favourable to the departure of Thaksin, did not get much more freedom from the military government. Journalists questioned by Reporters Without Borders confirmed that they were still under pressure. When in December the administration presented a budget in which military spending was hiked by 34%, the press did not dare publish critical editorials. Likewise, the Thai Journalists’ Broadcast Association (TJBA) said in October that the television was no freer after the end of the Thaksin regime. “In the past, we suffered from self-censorship. Today, we cannot even investigate the activities of the junta (...) we are being stifled”, said one of the organisers of the TBJA, three weeks after the coup...
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