International Intellectual Property Alliance – 2007 Special 301 Report

International Intellectual Property Alliance - 2007 Special 301 Report - February 16, 2007
Special 301 Recommendation: Thailand should be elevated to the Priority Watch List.
The Royal Thai government experienced turmoil in September 2006, when a coup d’état succeeded in overthrowing Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. We recognize the upheaval to the Royal Thai government caused by these events and it is in some respects remarkable that the government organs dealing with intellectual property and trade issues managed to continue working to take actions against end-user piracy. Unfortunately, other piracy phenomena, like domestic retail piracy, optical disc piracy, book piracy, and cable and signal theft piracy, remained largely unchecked in 2006. All report that, notwithstanding many raids and seizures in some sectors, piracy continues to cause major losses. A principal cause may be the failure to prosecute key piracy players (as opposed to designated employees of pirates), and the lack of deterrence in the final outcomes of criminal cases brought to prosecutors and before the criminal court. This is exacerbated by the lack of a strategic approach by the Thai government to combating piracy in Thailand. Thailand needs a fulltime, fully staffed and funded enforcement body like that found in neighboring countries/territories like Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Simply put, while the Royal Thai government has responded to some industries’ concerns, the outcomes of the government’s actions to address these piracy concerns have not resulted in lowering the levels and amounts of piracy in Thailand.

On the priority watch list: Thailand
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