New year’s bombing suspects allegedly on camera

Headlines from the weekend - Khao Sod, February 18, 2007
Blue: Poll support that foreigners trust Somkid
Top right: Victim of internet: Ms.Tukta (fake name) who is 16 years old and her mom shows the photo of Mr. Pisanu the owner of Camfrog program who deceived her daughter making her come from Chaing Mai to Bangkok to be raped for many weeks and trick her to get drunk and control her to dance for the camera. [Camfrog has been singled out by Thai authorities in the past for its alleged ability to corrupt Thai youth.]
Bottom left and right: Evidence: The picture (left) is from the close circuit of the defendant who bombed the police kiosk at Saphan Kwai and was issued an arrest warrant. The other picture (right) is the picture of the man who is similar to Mr. Tawansak Paenae, the southern bandit [separatist] who was suspected in the bombing of the Seecon Square department store. These are the suspects considered by police and people are asked to submit clues.
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