Bangkok 1955

(Photo: TerryMcT)

Bangkok 1955 - February 24, 2007
Marc writes: Great site. I really like them old pics you post there so I'm forwarding you a link of pics from Bangkok and area circa 1955. Kind of funny to look at Bangkok with that low of a skyline. Hope you like it. Keep on the good work. Chock dee.
We've posted this TerryMcT's link before, but it is always interesting to revisit these great photos.

(Photo: TerryMcT)

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2 Responses to Bangkok 1955

  1. Cuno says:

    Terrific pictures of historical Bangkok. The question ofcourse is where are these pictures taken? Which street is this? I can’t recognise any of it at all… Also I noticed that at the time this area seemed very clean and organised compared to many places in Bangkok these days…

  2. Andrew Hughes says:

    I love Thailand and Bangkok have been there many times i cant believe how clean the streets are and the buildings its amazing
    Thailand .
    Shame this is no longer the case.
    Still love it though.

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