Building Bangkok’s Sewers

The letters on the photos below correspond to the letters on the map above.
Last updated December 14, 2002

Deep shafts are being sunk into the klongs to connect to sewer lines being installed deep below the klongs. This is a major project that has been going on throughout the city since the early 1990's.

This page shows construction along a section of klong that starts 20 meters north of Suthisarn Road. Here the klong is little more that a drainage ditch and is dry most of the time.

(J): Looking toward a main sewer junction near Weepahwahdee Rangsit Road.

Translated from a sign at the project:

Wastewater treatment construction project - Period 4

Waste water treatment construction project has 26.5 kilometers of pipe for wastewater. Diameter: 300 millimeters/2300 millimeters. Available for wastewater treatment: 150,000 cubic meter / days.

Contract hire no.: 17/ 2545 (17/ 2002)
Budget: 3,482,027,000 baht
Project period: Dec. 28, 2001-Dec. 27, 2002 - Total 1,095 days
Subcontractor: Cooperate trading group Naowarat Company Limited, Italian Thai Company Limited, Christianee Company Limited, A .S Company Limited and Atkin and Makcro
Supervisor control: Corporation group Mots Macdonalt, G. K.W. and team
Project supervised by: Water Bureau, Bangkok Tel : 0-2246-0274


Left (B): Crane over one of the many shafts sunk into the klongs.

Below (C): During the 1990's, most of the smaller drainage klongs were shored up with concrete. Some have walkways along them.

Left (A): Looking down into one of the many large shafts sunk into a small klong.

Above (A): Workers in their underwear working on the sewage pipes that run deep beneath and parallel to the klongs.

Above (D): Juncture where a smaller klong runs into a larger one.

Above (E): One of the smaller branches that runs behind the RCA II buildings. Most of the smallest klongs are little more than drainage ditches/sewers.

(G): Typical flood gate that includes grates for pulling debris out of the water (right) and a mini-crane (above) for dumping the material into trucks.

(H): Beyond the floodgate the klong is full.

Klong life: A beautiful place, but the stench is overpowering (this photo was taken right after Loy Kratong, so the water is filled with kratongs).

(J): Before the klong reaches Weepahwahdee Rangsit Road, a major juncture is being constructed that connects the local sewers to a city-wide system.

(K): One of the massive circular shafts at the juncture that routes the smaller lines into the city system.

(F): A worker takes a smoking break in a deep shaft right off of Suthisarn Road.

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