On top of the Royal Charoen Krung Tower

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Above: Thai Wah II from street level

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Above: State Tower (formerly RCK Tower)

Battle for the world's highest outdoor restaurant - January 11, 2004
Sources inform is us of the impeding competing advertising campaigns between the Vertigo Restaurant on the roof of the Thai Wah II building and the newly opened Sirocco Restaurant on the rooftop of the State Tower (formerly RCK Tower). Vertigo often claims to be the world's highest outdoor restaurant, but Siroco may be a bit higher--they are on the 62nd and 63d floors of their respective buildings. The respective restaurants are conducting studies to get figures to back up the claims.
Earlier: Vertigo Restaurant on top of Thai Wah II Tower

UPDATE: RCK Tower renamed State Tower - December 24, 2003
The 68-storey, 330,000-square-metre Royal Charoen Krung Tower (RCK Tower) has been renamed "State Tower" and is being managed by the revitalized Challenge Group (controlled by arms dealer and property development magnate Rasri Bualert). The Challenge Group intends to make State Tower a top dining and entertainment complex which includes corporate facilities. The restaurant on the 64th floor is open. Rangsan Torsuwan was the original architect and developer of the RCK Tower (he also designed the Amarin Plaza at Rajadamri and the 36-storey Bangkok River Park Condo in Chinatown). The tower was orginally named Silom Precious Tower. UPDATE: The Nation reported on January 26, 2004 that the registered name of the building remains Royal Charoen Krung Tower.

Condos at State Tower - Bangkok Post, January 26, 2004
...Originally called Silom Precious Tower, the five-rai site was renamed Royal Charoen Krung Tower or RCK Tower, before it became State Tower last month. The registered name though remains Royal Charoen Krung Tower.

Last updated June 30, 2002

Inside the three-story dome--the tracks for a revolving restaurant.

The Chao Phraya River winds out to sea.

RCK's unfinished smaller twin--this derelict building is visible at the end of Sathorn Road as you drive toward Taksin Bridge.
In the lobby of Royal Charoen Krung (RCK) Tower is a drawing of this building completed with a gold dome.

The Phaseecharoen Elevated Way project that has been converted into a Skytrain extension.

Another view of the Taksin Bridge leading to the new Skytrain extension.

Straight down-- Centre Point Building is at the top.
The road is Charoen Krung Road.

Looking back up the river-- In the foreground is the antenna on top of the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) building. In the upper right is the Rama VIII Bridge.

The green area is one of the few large forested areas in Bangkok. The river wraps around it.

Looking upstream...

Into the city--the Silom and Sathorn areas. The tall structure on the left in the distance is the Baiyoke II, Thailand's tallest building.
The Skytrain tracks can bee seen on the right side going along Sathorn Road.

Here's the Royal Charoen Krung Tower website

Below: Towards the sea--the Chao Phraya River meanders out of town on the right side, passing the Thai Farmers Bank Tower (the black building in the distance in the middle right) and then twists around the green area on the left and eventually meets the sea. The sea was just visible from the top of RCK, but is not really visible in any of these photos. The expressway (in the middle) goes to the Rama IX Bridge, but the bridge not really visible in this photo.

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