Klong Prapa Elevated Road

Khlong Prapa - road, transit route to go on top of canal - Bangkok Post, August 19, 2004
This is being mentioned like it is a new project, but it has been around for quite awhile (see further down this page).
The Highways Department will develop a road and mass transit route on top of Khlong Prapa, the canal used for supplying raw water to a plant making Bangkok's tap water.
The 25-billion-baht project would fill the natural canal for a 25.5km road from Khlong Bang Luang in Pathum Thani to Bang Sue subway station in Bangkok, according to a feasibility study...
In the last seven years, four vehicles have fallen into the canal.
The canal was dug in 1899 during the reign of King Rama V, and served as a raw water distribution channel from the reservoir in Sarm Lair in Pathum Thai district to the tap water production plant in Bangkok on Rama VI in Sam Sen...
Work could start in 2006 for a 2010 finish.
Mr Chanchai ruled out eviction of communities living along the canal. ``His Majesty the King said the project must not cause problems to the community. Our concern is mass protests. Some people may get upset if the natural canal goes and is replaced by a road and mass transit route..."

Prapa canal road plan to be ready next year - Bangkok Post, December 3, 2003
...The department hired the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in 1999 to design the project. In August, it hired five consultant firms to assess environmental impacts and finalise the detailed design in 15 months. It has yet to organise public hearings. The road was royally initiated, aimed at facilitating traffic and, importantly, covering the 30-kilometre-long Prapa canal to assure a supply of clean water. The project's cost is estimated at 20 billion baht.

June 30, 2002 - This is a proposal to cover Klong Prapa with an elevated roadway. The road would also have dedicated bus lanes (see the elevations below). This is just a study and there is no word on when this project might be put in the budget.

Klong Prapa exhibit at the Intertraffic Asia Convention (June 12-14, 2002) at BITEC in Bangkok.

Cutaway drawing of the road--the road on the right exists already.

Front page of the project brochure showing the route. It starts in the inner city under the expressway and extends out past Muang Thong Thani.

Back of the project brochure explaining the cost breakdown of the various segments of the project.

Below: Before and after cutaways with elevations. The entire the inner part of the brochure (kkp-map3.jpg - 161K) can be downloaded here.
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