End of the Siam Intercontinental Hotel

Tearing down the Siam Intercontinental Hotel

Last Day at the Intercontinental Hotel - June 30, 2002

Remembering the grounds of the Siam Intercontinental Hotel - June 30, 2002

Early Paragon advertising and the Bangkok Post

What happened to the Insider column in the Bangkok Post?

Siam Intercontinental Hotel/Paragon news

Map of the grounds (66.5k)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Built on 26 acres of Sra Paduma Palace gardens in the 1960's, the Siam Intercontinental Hotel was a well-know Thai landmark. It won an award from the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment for its environmental protection work in 1999. However, when the hotel's 30-year lease expired, it was torn down to make way for another shopping center. The 26-acre gardens will be reduced to a few acres.

Siam Paragon, a mega luxury shopping center, is planned for the site of the Siam Intercontinental Hotel. The Paragon will create an unbelievable chain of shopping centers along Phloenchit Road starting with Mahboonkrong Center, Siam Square (across the street), the "Art Museum Shopping Center" (former site of a planned art museum which has been replaced with plans for another shopping center), Discovery Center, Siam Center, Paragon, Wat Padumavanaram (a temple), World Trade Center (a shopping center in financial trouble--a rusting, unfinished tower looms over the site and the adjacent wat), Gaysorn Plaza (another failed shopping center now under renovation), Erawan Sogo, etc, etc. There's also lots of new shopping center construction north on Ratchadamri Road as well. More on Bangkok's Crucible of Construction.

(Undated postcard of the site)

The Siam Intercontinental Bangkok sent us some official info on the history of the hotel: The Siam Intercontinental Bangkok stands on 26 acres of prime property in the heart of Bangkok, belonging to the Royal Family. During the fourth reign (1851-1868) of the present Dynasty, King Mongkut ordered the construction of a small palace for royal recreation which was built in this area and named by His Majesty as "Pathumwan palace" meaning lotus palace. The property was inherited by Prince Mahidol of Songkhla, father of the present King, who had Sra Pathum Palace (Lotus Pond Palace) built.
Of the 43 acres of the Royal Estate, Sra Pathum Palace is located on 17 acres, with the remaining 26 acres leased to the Siam Intercontinental. One side of the Palace shares the same wall with the hotel and the hotel (shares a wall with) Wat Padum Vanaram, a temple built over 100 years ago.
On December 11, 1964 at exactly 10:00am (the hour designated by the Royal Astrologer as being auspicious), Her Royal Highness the Late Princess Mother unveiled the foundation stone of the hotel. At that time, the Siam Intercontinental was one of the first international hotels in Bangkok.

Tearing down the Siam Intercontinental Hotel

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45 Responses to End of the Siam Intercontinental Hotel

  1. kai birli says:

    So sad, that they destroyed the Siam Interconti.
    I remember when I was there in the 80s with my parents.
    Memories… I’ll never forget. 🙂

  2. athawit says:

    I used to work there during 1997-1999. I still miss all my friends.

  3. Scott says:

    I stayed there the summer of 1966. It was just magnificent. Very memorable, many fond memories. Very sad to see it gone.

  4. phongsak ngiusom says:

    I worked here athousekeeping dept. คิดถึงทุกคนและทุกอย่างทึ่เป็นสยามอินเตอร์คอนติเนนตัล ขอบคุณจากใจ จริงๆ

  5. Patrick D. says:

    Well very sad, I worked in the hotel in 92 till 94 .
    Was I nice and peacfull place in Bangkok. Best regards to all people who work in Siam Intercontinental.

  6. I also stayed there, only one night, back in the very late 1960s. Had to do it because even then I knew that someday it would be gone, and now it is. Anyone here have Thai and English language material on the hotel?

  7. Plateau C. says:

    Etant allé plusieurs fois dans cet hôtel, je n’en garde que de bons souvenirs. Je me souviens en particulier d’une vision surprenante. Un matin, en me levant, j’ai eu sous la fenêtre de la chambre le spectacle d’une petite dizaine d’éléphants. Certains couchés d’autres dégustant l’herbe de la pelouse où ils étaient. Après quelques photos pour fixer un tel spectacle, le réceptionniste de l’hôtel m’a indiqué, que ces éléphants avaient été commandés pour donner plus d’impact (et de poids) à la réception commerciale que donnait dans l’après-midi l’importateur Japonais d’une marque d’automobile pour présenter son nouveau modèle et où le “gratin” de Bangkok et des environs était invité!.

  8. talib says:

    Very sad !

    Have very good memories, i stayed there as a child in 1991, 1992 & 1994 with my father who was airline pilot. It was a beauty and a leisure to stay.


  9. talib says:

    I want to know what they did with all the birds, parrots and peacock.

  10. Robert Dessomville says:

    I was guested there several times in 1980’s, and remember the special Thai atmosphere, the natural wooden smells in the rooms and in the garden. Pity, I will never forget it.

  11. SC says:

    I am going back to Bangkok next month after many years and I tried to find the Siam Intercontinental on line. I am sad but not surprised that it is gone. I stayed there many times in the early 1980s. Most notably I spent a month there when I flew to Bangkok from Bangladesh to give birth to my first child (at another landmark, the Bangkok Nursing Home, which amazingly, still seems to have survived.) I chose the Siam Intercon as we called it for that extended stay because of its beautiful, lush, tropical gardens, knowing I would not be adventuring much out of the hotel or Bangkok. There was a walking/jogging trail that wound around the entire perimeter of the hotel, that was great for my daily walk. That baby will be 32 this year so I suppose it is not surprising with all the development and the increase in land values that the hotel was pulled down. Still, the hotel was reminiscent of another era and I do feel nostalgic about its loss.

  12. Georg Ellenberger says:

    Sehr schade für dieses Haus!
    -1984- Es war mein erster Aufenthalt in Bangkok und ich wohnte im “Siam Interconti”. Es war so beeindruckend. Ein Monsunregen überschüttete den tropischen Garten und der Dunst stand in den Pflanzen. Beim Betreten meines Zimmers kam mir der Song “One Night in Bangkok” entgegen. Es überfíel mich kalt und warm zugleich. Ich werde Siam Interconti immer in meinen Erinnerungen haben. Schade für das Ende des Hotels.
    Georg Ellenberger

  13. Georg Ellenberger says:

    – 1984 -, mein erster Aufenthalt in Bangkok. Ich hatte das “Siam Interconti” gebucht, damals beeindruckend. Ein Monsunregen fiel in den wunderschönen, tropischen Garten und sein Dunst umhüllte die faszinierende Pflanzenwelt. Schaurig schön. Beim Betreten meines Zimmer wurde ich mit dem Song “One night in Bangkok” begrüßt.. Ob Zufall oder arrangiert kümmerte mich nicht. Es war einfach ein wahnsinniges Feeling. Selbst als mich mein Weg Jahre später ins “Oriental” führte waren meine Erinnerungen an meinen ersten Bangkok-Stop im “Siam-Interconti” immer präsent. Es sind “Memories forever”.

    [English translation: 1984-, my first stay in Bangkok. I had the “Siam Interconti[nental]” booked, was impressive. A monsoon rains fell in the beautiful, tropical garden and its haze enveloped the fascinating world of plants. Eerily beautiful. Upon entering my room, I was greeted with the song “One night in Bangkok”… Whether coincidence or arranged care not. It was simply an insane feeling. Even for me my way years later led in the “Oriental” my memories of my first Bangkok-stop in the “Siam Interconti[nental]” were always present. There are “memories forever”.]

  14. volker Hunsche says:

    I cam 2 times a year for business to Bangkok and i always booked my room in the Siam Intercontinental Hotel. It was an absolutely Landmark in Bangkok. It is more than sad, that such an incredibable place was torn down to make place to a luxury mall which could be found everywhere in the United States. A place without face and atmosphere

  15. Anton steck says:

    It makes me sad that this wonderful hotel has been replaced by a modern new building.
    Especially the wonderful garden was a paradise of tranquility in this bustling city.

  16. Barbarqa says:

    I had a real adventure there in 1972 or 1973. I was to meet my US Air Force pilot at the Siam Intercontinental for a few days. He was flying missions to Viet Nam. I flew commercial and he flew an Air Force hop. His plane was turned around for a mechanical problem and I was in the hotel by myself. Unfortunately, in those days we were young and did not have credit cards and I spent the night there expecting him to arrive any minute. He did not arrive. I had no word of his whereabouts. I also did not have enough money to check out without the money he had with him. So I left the hotel without checking out and used my little money to take a bus to Pattaya beach close to Utapao Air Base hoping to find information on where he was. This becomes a very long story… with help from many people both USAF people and Thai people… but it ends happily. We were united 3 days later at Pattaya Beach. We went back to the Siam Intercontinental and paid my bill for the first night and those that followed when I was not staying there. We enjoyed a brief stay at the hotel and then returned home. Good memories and good memories of an unusual adventure. Came home and got an American Express Card. In Bangkok today Feb 6, 2016 and wanted to have lunch at the hotel. Sorry it is gone.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Several scenes in the X-rated hit Emmanuelle (1974) were shot in the grounds and suites of the Siam InterCon. I stayed here a few times in the late 70s and 80s, magnificent spot. The only remaining Bangkok hotel with such spacious grounds is the Nai Lert, formerly Raffles and Hilton.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Siam Intercontinental was a large part of my life and a beautiful landmark. So sad it is gone forever.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I still remember the grand reception offered by the Management when I stayed there as guest sponsored by Sunds Defribator Sweden
    They had a beautiful walking track and I was offered six Continent Club Card during my stay. Sad to no that the Hotel is no more. This is Life

  20. Anonymous says:

    very sad i was ther 1994 it was a verry beautiful place i can’t forget

  21. Anonymous says:

    I used to be a member of staff there between 1996-1999, ton of realy good memories there. I am still in hotel industry nowaday but the only hotel in my mind still be Siam Intercontinental Bangkok as always.
    Hope and will happy to hear news from you guys by reply my comment.

  22. Anonymous says:

    J’y étais en 1973, juste 2 nuits, en attendant mon prochain avion vers le VietNam.
    Un bref séjour inoubliable dans un cadre paisible et exceptionnel.
    C.A.B. Bourg La Reine, France

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ci sono stato tanti anni fa con un mio caro amico- è un hotel semplicemente fantastico sotto tutti i punti di vista-grazie SIAM INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL-

  24. Anonymous says:

    c’était un magnifique hotel dans un écrin de verdure avec des Paons en liberté, je séjournait régulièrement dans cet hotel lors de mes escales avec la compagnie aérienne Francaise CORSAIR en route vers Nouméa.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Stayed there a few times between 1987/88/89. Best hotel in Bangkok, best staff, best manager (german as far as I rmember). Always tried to get a poolside room. The garden was really beautiful. So sad that its gone 🙁

  26. Anonymous says:

    Monumental hotel; Oriental, Erawan or Siam Intercontinental.
    Lots of memory living in Bangkok as Japanese; much missed by Miyuki and Ikumi.
    Loved having meals at the cafeteria.

  27. Anonymous says:

    was searching for details about this fantastic hotel i called home for 30 days with my two sons and spouse while finding a house to live in for the next two years when i stumbled on the very sad news that this wonderful place was no more.
    we arrived there september 19775. so incredible with its gardens and birds, the spirit houses, the pools. it was a fantastic introduction into thailand and bangkok. glad we had a chance to live there.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I stayed several times in the 90s and loved the grounds. The peace was fantastic but shopping malls i.e. money is more important than tranquil surroundings these days as all space in the world is used up by the expanding human race – shame

  29. Anonymous says:

    We were airline crew accommodated at that beautiful hotel for decades. It was our home away from home & always made so welcome by the wonderful staff. It is tòo sad that this piece of beauty & serenity is torn down in the name of another shopping mall – $$$ greed – no character & just another mall that can be found anywhere in BKK but the Siam Intercontinental was far more iconic & a building of great magnificence. Sad sad sad

  30. Anonymous says:

    I spent up to 30 days/yr from 1998-2001&2. I was living in Manila. After only a few stays I was always greeted with a
    friendly “Welcome Home”. I would check-in in my room, not the front desk. The staff were more than
    friendly and always helpful and kind. Daily, fruit was placed in my room along with a small gift. While not
    the most fancy or luxurious it was always clean and comfortable. It was an honor to be invited to their
    fairwell party. I have many fond memories of my visits there.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I stayed up to 30 days/yr from 1998 – closing. I was living in Manila and travel frequently often going thru
    Bangkok. After only a few visits I would be greeted upon arrival by doormen with a warm “Welcome
    Home Khun Jachman”. I would be accompanied to my room where I would check in. The daily selection of fruit
    and a gift in my room was always appreciated. The staff were always friendly and helpful. Often when returning from
    returning from the U.S.A I would enjoy delicious room service after 2am. It was an honor being invited
    and attending their fairwell party in 2002. Thanks for the wonderful memories

  32. Anonymous says:

    I was a Delta Air Lines F/A and this was our layover hotel when I flew to BKK in 1990-1991. Such a neat exotic hotel with its lush grounds. There was an aviary, ducks and peacocks and even an elephant was there for a few of my layovers. The Siam were so nice to us, our flight arrived late at night and the Siam let us “debrief” in the coffee house. Loved The Siam and my stays at this beautiful quiet oasis in bustling Bangkok, wish I could go back in time….such nice memories : )

  33. Anonymous says:

    I remember that President Richard Nixon stayed there in 1971. I was stationed in Thailand at that time in the U.S. Air Force. It was the Best hotel in Bangkok at the time.

  34. Anonymous says:

    i spend one week there in 1991 remembered i land andcthere just had been a coup. for years i tried to find out what became of the hotel then i realisedvit was teared down just to accomodate and other mall ..however yesterday i decided to walk in the mall and found the kempindki hotel just begind..this hotel still has a garden ..is is part of thevfoemet ground of the siam n

  35. Anonymous says:

    Stayed there in the 80ties, beautiful place! What a shame to replace this historic landmark with an ordinary shopping center.

  36. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I were newly married young Australians abroad for the first time – this was late 1968 – when we arrived in Bangkok where he was taking up a post with an international ad agency. The company had booked us into the Siam Intercontinental. It was vast and beautiful, and only now have I learned it had recently opened. We stayed there for two weeks while I searched for a home to rent. Two vivid memories. On day two, I woke in agonising pain. It was dysentery, I was treated by the hotel doctor and made a quick recovery. Soon after, I was sitting in the hotel’s lobby when I was startled by the sounds of myriad tinkling bells, which soon became a cacophony. Then this extraordinary couple swung into view.. Striding towards me was a large, middle aged woman (American for sure, I thought) in a lurid Thai cotton dress over which she’d draped several Thai temple bell necklaces. Trailing miserably in her wake, was the husband in board shorts and a shirt made from the same fabric as her dress. Some things are never forgotten.

  37. This hotel changed my life. In 1991 I arrived by taxi from the airport and was walking across the huge lobby a few metres behind another guest who had arrived a few seconds before me. He reached into his pocket for something and as he withdrew his hand from the pocket, his handkerchief came out and fell to the floor. Out of nowhere, a member of staff rushed to his aid, almost managing to catch the falling cloth before it hit the ground and gracefully returning it to him. I have no idea where this person came from, as I was not conscious of there being anyone else nearby in this vast lobby. Although the incident lasted only a few seconds, it made an immense impression on me and I understood what good service meant for the first time in my life. I was so sad when I heard they had demolished this hotel.

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