Hopewell Project Map

New Map - Click here for SRT's preferred plan for Hopewell - July, 2000

Proposed Hopewell Stations
Last Updated December 1, 1999

No one knows the final configuration the Hopewell Project might take, but these are the latest proposed routes.

Phase 1: Northern, Eastern and Maenam Section

1) Northern Section
1.1) Rangsit - Rangsit Railway Station, near Rangsit Market - BMTA Terminal
1.2) Lak Hok - Lak Hok Railway Station, near the entrance to Muang Ek Village and Rangsit University
1.3) Prempracha - Prempracha Railway Station, the Northernmost station in Bangkok
1.4) Donmuang - Donmuang Railway Station, opposite to Bangkok International Airport (BIA), International Terminal
1.5) Domestic Terminal - domestic terminal of BIA
1.6) Thung Songhong - AKA Km. 19 Station, near Thung Songhong Public Housing
1.7) Laksi - Laksi Railway Station
1.8) Chitchon - Chitchon Road, North Park
1.9) Bangkhen - Bangkhen Railway Station
1.10) Prachaniwet - Near Wat Samian Naree
1.11) Ratchadaphisek - near the 1st Provinicial Police Headquarter
1.12) Bangsue Hospital - AKA Km. 11 Station, actually the medical office of Bangsue District
1.13) Bangsue - Bangsue Junction, a free transfer to MRTA Blue line and a new Western line of Hopewell
1.14) Pradiphat - Pradiphat station, military zone (Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Airforce)
1.15) Ranong - Ranong Station, a shortcut to Rama V Road.
1.16) Samsen - Samsen Railway Station
1.17) Dusit - near Chitladda Palace, a free Transfer to MRTA Orange line (Ban Ratwithee Station)
1.18) Yommarat - transfer Station to Hopewell Lines, near OCMLT Office

2) Eastern Section
2.1) Yommarat - transfer Station to Hopewell Lines, near OCMLT Office
2.2) Phayathai - a free Transfer to BTS Sukhumvit Line
2.3) Ratchaprarob - near Patoonam Market
2.4) Makkasan - SRT Workshop, transfer station to Maenam Line
2.5) Asok-Phetburi - a transfer to MRTA Blue Line (Phetburi Station)
2.6) Watmai Chonglom - near Italian Thai PCL Building
2.7) Soonwijai - Soonwijai Soi 4, near Royal City Avenue (RCA)
2.8) Ekkamai Road- AKA Klongtan Railway Station
2.9) Ramkhamhaeng Road - the beginning of Ramkhamhaeng and Phatthanakarn Road, Klongtan Intersection
2.10) Klong Kaja - near Huamark Tennist Court
2.11) Seri Village - Ser Village (Hua Mark Area), near Seri 7 Road
2.12) Hua Mark - Hua Mark Railway Station, near Sri Nakharin Road

3) Maenam Section
3.1) Makkasan - SRT Workshop, transfer station to Maenam Line
3.2) Ploenchit - near Soi Ruenruedee (Sukhumvit 1), no free tranfer to BTS line
3.3) Rama IV - near Soi Sanjao, no free transfer to MRTA Blue line
3.4) Maenam - Maenam Station, in the Port Authority of Thailand area, near Rama III Road

Phase 2: Southern Section and New Western Section

1) Southern Section
Subway Line:
1.1) Hua Lamphong - Free Transfer to MRTA Blue Line
1.2) Talad Noy - near See Phraya Pier, River City
1.3) Klongsan - Klongsan Pier, the old terminal for Maeklong SRT line
1.4) Wongwian Yai - Southern Bangkok Terminal, a free transfter to BTS and MRTA Orange Line
Elevated Rail:
1.5) Pho Nimit - Phonimit Temple, AKA Talad Ploo Railway Station

2) New Western Section
2.1) Bangsue - Bangsue Junction, a free transfer to MRTA Blue line and a new Western line of Hopewell
2.2) Pracharat I Road - near Klong Prapa
2.3) Bang Son - Bang Son Railway Station, near Rama VI Bridge, KMITNB
2.4) Bang Kruay - near EGAT and Northern Bangkok Power Station
2.5) Wat Pleng
2.6) Thoed Phrakiat Road
2.7) Wat Noy Nai
2.8) Talingchan Junction

Phase 3: Extensions

1) Eastern Extension
1.1) Phatthanakarn VIllage
1.2) Thubchang - Thubchang Railway Station
1.3) Lad Krabang - Lad Krabang Railway Station
1.4) Nong Ngoohao Nuea - Northern Terminal of Nong Ngoo Hao Airport

2) Southern Extension
2.1) Yommarat - Hua Lamphong
2.1.1) Yommarat - transfer Station to Hopewell Lines, near OCMLT Office
2.1.2) Yotse - at Kasatsuek Bridge
2.1.3) Hua Lamphong - free Transfer to MRTA Blue Line
2.2) Phonimit - Bang Khunthian
2.2.1) Jomthong - Jomthong Road
2.2.2) Wat Singh - Wat Singh Railway Station
2.2.3) Bang Bon - across from Bang Khunthian Road
2.2.4) Bang Khuntian - at Kanchanaphisek Outer Ring Road

3) Western Extension
3.1) Bang Chimplee - at the place where Southern Line intersects with Kanjanaphisek Outer Ring Road

Phase 4: Optional

1) Old Western Section
Subway line:
1.1) Yommarat
1.2) Lan Luang - Lan Luang Road, near Saphan Khao Fruit Market
1.3) Phan Fah Bridge - Near Mahaakarn Fort, Democracy Monument
1.4) National Theater - Near Sanam Luang
1.5) Thonburi Railway Station - near Sirirat Hospital
1.6) Bangkok Noy - intersects with Charan Sanitwongse inner Ring Road
Elevated Line:
1.7) Klong Chak Phra - near Talingchan District Office
1.8) Taliangchan Junction

The Hopewell Project
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