The Great Flood of 1942

October 13, 1942 at Sanam Luang

The great flood of 1942

Manager had an interesting article on the great flood of 1942. Translations of the photo captions in the article:
The first photo: In 1942 a heavy rain in the northeast and northwest of Thailand make a big flood and caused lots of damage to farms, field, and houses in the central, northeast and northern region. This was in September, October, and November and was one of biggest floods in the history of Thailand.
The second photo: This make Rajadamnoen Road became to be a lake.
The third photo: Also Victory Monument became a lake in 1942.
The fourth photo: Because of the big rain people traveled by boat instead car.
The fifth photo: This old man explained that at the time he was very young (15 years old) so it was very fun for him, but the adults feel grief and sadness because it caused damage to people. He also said the water level is over people's head especially at parliament by King Rama 5 statue. People couldn't stand so they use boats and if someone has boats they felt smart or cool and will take women to travel with. The schools were closed so the students play in water and race boats. Some people fished and could catch lots of fish. At that time the water was clean which is different than today.

Some account from the Great Flood of 1942 can be found here, including a photo of a tram on a flooded street (just search for the word "flood" on the page).

Victory Monument

The Great Flood of 1942 in front of Hualampong Train Station
[The caption of the photo also notes that the people who are wearing hats are government employees as that kind of hat was in vogue for government workers.]

October 12, 1942 - Democracy Monument
Taken from the front of the Suksahpanpahnit Shop (a bookshop) toward Pan Fah Lee La Bridge.
[although it looks like it was taken from the divider in the road]

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