Lord of the Rings in Thailand

Last updated February 21, 2002

The following was originally part of A Glimpse of Thailand the week of January 7, 2002.

It proved so popular (on January 8, 2002, we received 8,143 unique visitors), a permanent page was created for it here.

The complete Glimpse of Thailand Archives.

(Right) A painted billboard at an intersection in Hat Yai (a city in southern Thailand) advertising the December 28th, 2001 release of LOTR. They also have billboards like this on trucks that drive around town announcing films on loudspeakers (like old time political ads).

On January 4, 2002, The Nation reported that the Thai-language version of The Fellowship of the Ring sold out at bookstores. "The book has become the hottest one in town, said an executive at Amarin Printing, which publishes the Thai version. Amarin has reprinted the book six times since October. More than 40,000 copies have been sold so far, he said. He said it is selling much better than other books made into movies as they only sell an average of 10,000 copies each." Amarin's cool-looking LOTR webpage

Detail from a poster given out at the theater explaining the characters in Thai

UPDATE January 21, 2002 - Due to popular demand, click on the thumbnail above for the full Thai-language LotR poster (82KB) that explains the characters.

The cover of The Lord of the Rings in Thai

Flyer for a local LOTR contest

LOTR ticket subs from the Emporium on Sukumvit Road

The complete Glimpse of Thailand Archives.

Or how about The Simpsons in Thailand?

HSBC Bank LOTR tumbler offer
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