2Bangkok in Lonely Planet

2Bangkok in Lonely Planet - September 23, 2009 Don reports: The new Lonely Planet Thailand came out last month (13th edition, published August 2009), and 2Bangkok gets two mentions, both of them in the Bangkok section. Page 107, in the boxed text entitled "The Inside Scoop": Several Bangkok residents, both local and foreign, have taken their experiences to the 'small screen' and maintain blogs and websites about living in Bangkok. Some of the more informative or entertaining include:  2Bangkok (www.2bangkok.com) News sleuth and history buff follows the city headlines from today and yesterday. Page 180, in the boxed text entitled "The War on the Gem Scam":Want to know more or want to report a scam? Visit www.2bangkok.com and navigate to the 'Gem Scam' page for five years' worth of tracking the phenomenon, or go to Thai Gem Scams Group (www.geocities.com/thaigemscamgroup) for photos of touts who troll the temples for victims.
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