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Yala election posters 2005: Posters along the road - Posters on vehicles - Yala intersection posters
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Election posters: 9 - February 5, 2005
During the election campaign, TRT's number 9 has loomed over Bangkok from Baiyoke II, Thailand's tallest building.
Election posters: Create good things - February 4, 2005
Right: Democrat Party - Create only good things - Have outcome - Surun Chanpitak to be MP of Bangkokyai, Pasichaloen No. 4

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Election posters: Choose Thaksin - February 4, 2005
Right: One vote from you will give me the energy/power to work hard one more time - for the opportunity and the future of our children. Choose Thaksin... mark number 9 on both ballots (Thanks to Nils for contributing this)

(Photo: Nils)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Election posters: Thaksin effigy - February 3, 2005
Left: A Thaksin scarecrow left by anonymous persons at Saphan Kwai.

The message reads: Stop the businesses that consume/profit from the country - On 6 February vote to retard them and to restore balance

These kinds of accusations--that Thaksin's businesses have profited from his governance--have resulted in lawsuits against those who make the claims, so it is understandable that this messages is anonymous.

A source informs us: The scarecrow was probably made by NGOs that oppose Thaksin--the last part of the slogan has been used by NGOs. In the last two weeks there was a seminar not to vote for Thaksin and they distributed similar green flags which said 'Do not vote for Thaksin.' That seminar was organized by many NGOs.

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Election posters: The female lawyer - February 3, 2005
Left: Thai Rak Thai Party - Support Thaksin Shinawatra to be P.M. - Vote both for the person and the party - No. 9 - The female lawyer - Master degree of Law from USA. - Silumpa Lertnuwat
Election posters: Medal winner - February 3, 2005
Right: Democrat Party - Build people build future - "Will use sport to develop life" - Feungwit Anirutdheva - The golden medal athlete of National riding horse team - The 13rd of Asean Games - The 18th of Sea Games - No.4 District 11 Dindaeng

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Election posters: Happy New Year - February 2, 2005
Right: Happy New Year 2005 - Riches and glory to everybody - Siri Wangboonlert - Pranakorn-Prompab district - Thai Rak Thai Party

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Election posters: 201 - February 2, 2005
Left: Vote to reach 201 - In this country, people are not only the renters - Protect the country from being monopolized - Choose Democrats to reach 201 votes - Make a cross on No.4 in the second blank - No. 4 [This campaign, intended to preserve the opposition's ability to censure the government and the PM, has been much derided as indicating the Democrats are conceding the election. This would cause people to vote for the ruling TRT to make sure they were being represented by those in power--as opposed to an opposition that cannot do anything for them.]
Election posters: Election jokes - February 2, 2005
We are not sure if this is real or not--it is going around by email. It makes a joke of TRT slogans and the party number for the Democrats.

The poster on the left side is for TRT and reads: 4 years for repairing - 4 years for building - Let me serve people again.

The poster on the right side is for the Democrats and reads: Vote for No. 4 - Democrat Party

(Photo: Unknown)

Demands for Thaksin - February 1, 2005
The reverse of this "greeting card to the PM" produced by Aidsaccess.com reads (in part):
We wish you happiness and ask you to consider on our demands for everyone's happiness. Such as setting up a mechanism to control, assure the qualify and price of medicine. Also support organizations in the country to invent and produce new necessary medicines in order to be sustainable in producing medicine in our country...

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Election posters: Everything on one poster - February 1, 2005
Left: Mahachon Party - Dr. Pichai Sirirattanaponkul - MP Candidate of Dusit district Bangkok No.11 - Party policies: 14 regulations [Then the 14 policies are listed, then a section with the candidate's history, education, and work experience.]

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Election posters: The young guy - January 31, 2005
Above: Democrat Party - District 6 Sumphantawong, Bangrak, Sathorn - ML (Mom Luang) Abhimongkol Sonakul - No.4 ['Mom Luang' is a royal title.]

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Faux election poster: Vote for the bug! - January 31, 2005
Telephone directory service Bug 1113 modified one of their highway billboards to be a faux election poster asking for people to vote for candidate 1113 (1113 is the number to dial for directory assistance).

Bug 1113 - Know all subjects, know truly, know everything - Ask for telephone numbers, addresses, tourism, emergency numbers, booking movie tickets, discount coupons for restaurants, download ringtones or Mor Yong forecast [Mor Yong is the name of a famous fortune teller]. There are more things I can help with. Just press 1113.

TRT pamphlet with promises for future Bangkok mass transit - January 29, 2005

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Election posters: Double faucet - January 29, 2005
Above left: Captain Rachata No.9 - Ra-cha-ta - (a pronunciation of how to say his name--some my pronounce it as 'Rachod') Thai Rak Thai Party - Supplement faucet - Second career - Supplement career - Increase income (i
n Thai, one faucet means your first career and second faucet means second or supplemental career--one of the TRT policies is to enable people to have extra income from supplemental careers)
Above middle (with the basketball): Captain Rachata No.9 - To be armed - Fight drugs - have community sports - It build up immunity in youth (to drugs)
Election posters: Minor party poster - January 28, 2005
A poster for one of the smaller political parties.
Right: Kasikornthai Party - The leader of the party, Professor Chamlong Dumsim - We know people's problems and understand local development work - We are the people who have experience and are ready to work immediately - Party list No.16

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Election posters: Highway billboard - January 27, 2005
Above: Mahachon Party No.11 - New alternative of Bangkok residents - Capitalist dictation of politics leads the country to disaster [The billboard does not mention the man's name. He is Dr. Anek Laothammatad, the leader of the Mahachon Party. The Rama 9 suspension bridge and Thai Farmer's Bank building can be seen in the distance.]

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Election posters: Better way - January 25, 2005
Left: Democrat Party - The better way to a secure future - Please vote - Jermmad Juenglertsiri to be MP of Pranakorn, Prompab - No.4
Election posters: Dindaeng Paradise - January 24, 2005
Right: Let us build up Dindaeng to be a land of paradise - "Sam" Yuranan Pamornmontri - No.9 Thai Rak Thai Party - Dindaeng district

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(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Election posters: New alternative - January 23, 2005
Left: Mahachon Party - New alternative for Bangkok resident - Natchanok Phadungsong No. 11 - District 11 Dindaeng
Election posters: An ordinary person - January 21, 2005
After the movie stars and big personalities featured on our daily election posters, here is an average-looking candidate a few steps away from the flashy poster of Orathai.

Right: Chatthai Party - Give an ordinary person chance to speak the truth in Parliament - Mr. Thannachai Rungjirarot - No.1 The candidate M.P. District 6 Bangrak, Sumphantawong, Sathorn

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Election posters: Dr. Chai knows you - January 21, 2005
Compared to the flashy, modern layout of posters for TRT, Democrat, and Mahachon candidates, Chatthai is sticking to more a conservative and traditional design. Their slogans play up the humble everyman image as well.

Left: Chatthai Party - Realism Build society in balance - Please vote - Pol. Col. Dr. Auoichai Chunawan (Dr. Chai – Chai Clinic) No. 1 - Dr.Chai – you know him and he knows you - M.P. candidate of district 11 Dindaeng
Election posters: With the Japanese PM - January 20, 2005
A candidate poses with Japanese Prime Minister Korizumi
Right: With the experience as the secretary of the Commerce Minister - I volunteer to serve the district again - Please vote for No.9 Thai Rak Thai Party - Orathai Thanajaro - Candidat M.P. district 6 Sumphantawong, Bangrak, Sathorn

Controversial posters upset diplomats - The Nation, January 20, 2005
Thai Rak Thai has ordered the removal of some election posters after foreign diplomats were believed to be upset by the appearance on the posters of several world leaders, including US President George W Bush, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao...

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

Election posters: Payathai-Rachathevi - January 19, 2005
This relaxed, half-smiling and colorful military portrait (left) is an interesting update on the old-style, serious military poses. There are about 150 of these posters right outside the military base along Wepahwadeerangsit Road.
Above left: No.9 Thai Rak Thai Party - I have my goal - I volunteer to be your representative - Capt. Ratata Pisitbannakorn [his name is difficult to pronounce--some may say 'Rachot'] - District 4 Payathai-Rachathevi
Above right: No.4 - "4 years never stop working" - Puttipong Punnakan - District Payathai-Rachathevi - Democrat Party [his brother is a popular movie star, Mr. Danupong Punnakan, a candidate for Thai Rak Thai Party]

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Election posters: poster praises Thaksin by name - January 18, 2005
This is not an actual election poster (above), but an example of support of Prime Minister Thaksin, by name, from a state enterprise. The poster hangs in a prominent location at the Sukumvit juncture between the Skytrain and subway. It reads: New year greetings 2005 - MRTA sends you the happiness with a promise to push forward the project to connect and extend the tracks within six years which is the policy of Prime Minister Thaksin. The travel of people who live in Bangkok and outskirts will be changed. With Best wishes, MRTA.
This kind of endorsement is not seen as fair in many quarters with the entire route expansion plan and fare reductions seen by some as tantamount to vote buying.
Toward the end of its term, government has made many promises concerning future mass transit plans. However, in the first years of the government's tenure, mass transit plans were halted and the Skytrain is still barred from expanding. Thanks to Nekochan for pointing out this sign.

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Election posters: 'Transform property to capital' - January 15, 2005
A general TRT poster: Build/create
Opportunity - Build/create status by transforming property into capital.

One of TRT's policies is to transform property or assets to capital. So if the government or people do not have money, they can use land or valuable things to invest or start a business.

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Election posters: 'New generation Thai-Chinese' - January 13, 2005
Left: Give a chance to the new generation of zintueng (Thai-Chinese) who dare to think, do, lead and speak like me.
Mahachon Party
Please vote for No. 11 - Mr. Damrongsak Tharndamrong
MP Candidate of District 6 Sampuntavong/Bangrak/Sathorn
Moral principles lead knowledge.
Enhance Thai society.

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Election posters: Sam - January 12, 2005
TRT candidate and famous Thai actor "Sam," aka Yuranan Pamonmontri (left), who has appeared in many soap operas & host TV variety shows. Thanks to Pas for the identification.
A thread about Sam is here.

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Election poster: Thaksin portrait - January 11, 2005
Thaksin's bold portrait poster (left). No words needed. It is also notable for its grin--last year's governor's race saw more and more candidates willing to sport a modern smile in their posters as opposed to the traditional emotionless or serious face.
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