Trocadero Hotel

Trocadero Hotel still there - September 6, 2005

The Trocadero building is there and the hotel itself still exists as 'New Trocadero Hotel' (below). Today the original roof decorations have been removed to add two more stories on the roof and the some of the curved porticos at street level have been replaced by metal-shuddered shops.

From A New Guide to Bangkok, Second Edition, compiled by Kim Korwong and Javid Rangthong, Hatha Dhip Company, 1950: Trocadero Hotel, Suriwongse Road, telephone 30462 - This hotel is situated near the corner of Suriwongse Road and New Road, in the business section of Bangkok, and one of the largest hotels in town.
All rooms are fully screened and equipped with ceiling fans. Bath-rooms with running water are attached.
Excellent cuisine and restaurant catering for private parties.
The location of the hotel is particularly fortunate since it lies in the business centre of the town. Taxis are available at any time of the day and night.

(Photo: A New Guide to Bangkok, Second Edition, 1950)



More on the Trocadero Hotel - October 7, 2005
Today the Trocadero Hotel is Bangkok equivalent of Hong Kong's Chungking Mansion with utilitarian shops jammed into every nook of the ground floor and rooms in the upper floors. Still, the hotel promotes its long history with free postcards (above) that features a photo of the hotel from the 1920s (right).
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