Siam Square in 1992 and 2004


Siam Square in 1992 and 2004 - June 16, 2004

Still a hub of activity after 30 years, the Siam Square area is now the home of the Skytrain interchange station (above). Compare this to the area in 1992 (right).
Also notice how much of the sidewalk has been cut back on each side to widen lanes for cars.

SIAM SQUARE: Rent rises to go ahead - The Nation, December 14, 2004
Chulalongkorn University’s Office of Property Management insists it will go ahead with hefty rental increases – from 165 to 430 per cent – for the 610 units in bustling Siam Square by the end of the month...
Suchada said that the university would increase the monthly rental fee from Bt30,300 per unit for all units in Siam Square to Bt80,000 to Bt160,000 according to the location. Each unit consists of about 56 square metres...

Siam Square over three decades - The Nation, December 16, 2001
Siam Square 's 36 years can be broken into three distinct eras.
THE FIRST 12 YEARS (1965-1977)
This was a groundbreaking era for cinema in the Kingdom. A large theatre was built and popular films from the West were shown. Siam Theatre was built on January 1, 1967. The Lido Theatre was built the following year, and Scala appeared in 1970. Aside from the construction of movie theatres, other commercial centres were built. The Bangkok Bank Building, British Council Building, and the Siam Bowl were all built during this period.
THE NEXT 12 YEARS (1978-1989)
The economy improves during these years, which are considered a flourishing time for fast foods, boutiques, and tutoring services. There were up to 51 restaurants during this time. For security reasons, a small police precinct and fire station was set up on Siam Square Soi 7, opposite Siam Theatre. These establishments began operating on February 15, 1980 with four permanent policemen.
THE LAST 12 YEARS (1990-2001)
Due to the economic crisis that began in mid- 1997, the education centre project had to be shelved in favour of Centre Point because investors of the former had to pull out. Since then, Centre Point - which combined businesses on the west and east sides of the area - has improved business in Chula Soi 64 by redoing the sidewalks, renovating various stands and adding flair to the environment with flashy advertisements. The resting areas and cozy spots brought the teenagers back, reviving Siam Square's reputation as the place to be.
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