Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy 7. The East Wing visits the Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy - March 25, 2005
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1. Main mansion - 2. Stairs to nowhere - 3. The West Wing - 4. Rooms with no way in - 5. Metal-lined chambers - 6. Labyrinth - 7. The East Wing - 8. Sleeping with an ax - 9. The North Wing

The East Wing

The east wind is filled with stairways and sectioned off into at least four discreet sections without any interconnection.

A mini metal-lined room in the East Wing has the metal peeled back from floor to ceiling apparently to remove something.

A kitchen

Another long stairway leading to one padded room.

The largest center section of the East Wing is only accessible by an exterior staircase that is too rotten to climb. There is also no apparent way to access rooms on the first floor below the stairway.

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