Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy 3. The West Wing visits the Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy - March 25, 2005
More info on the Luang Sathorn Mansion/Russian Embassy site

1. Main mansion - 2. Stairs to nowhere - 3. The West Wing - 4. Rooms with no way in - 5. Metal-lined chambers - 6. Labyrinth - 7. The East Wing - 8. Sleeping with an ax - 9. The North Wing

Connecting passage from the main mansion to the West Wing

The West Wing

Russian phones dumped in a closet area

Throughout the buildings are spots that appear to be damaged by dry rot or where something was dug out of the wall.

Russian phones spilling out onto a rickety staircase. The building is riddled with stairways--some too brittle to climb.

The ground floor corridor in the West Wing

Looking back toward the main mansion

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