Makkasan Depot- Part IV: Repair building 1

Makkasan Depot

The Makkasan Depot and State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Maintenance Center area is in the center of the city (map). The entire area is slated to be redeveloped into a transport junction for the Airport Link Station for the new airport. The depot and maintenance operations would be moved to a location out of town. Also: Back in 2003, proposed the area be Bangkok's new 'Central Park'

Map of Makkasan Depot & SRT Maintenance Center
Part I: The grounds
Part II: Miscellaneous locomotives
Part III: Garden railway project trains
Part IV: Repair building 1
Part V: Repair buildings 2 & 3
Part VI: Odds and Ends


Makkasan Depot - Part IV: Repair building 1


Lot and lots and lots of parts... The buildings are mainly lit by overhead skylights and have the smell of fresh clean oil (#6 on the map).


Despite the many varied parts, they all seem to be well-organized.


Rolling segment of tracks between repair buildings so shunt trains to any repair berth.


Above and below: Locomotives being reconditioned


The chalk writing says: Took off the electric cable already. Can renovate or rechange it. 8/10/2004

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