Makkasan Depot- Part II: Miscellaneous locomotives

Makkasan Depot

The Makkasan Depot and State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Maintenance Center area is in the center of the city (map). The entire area is slated to be redeveloped into a transport junction for the Airport Link Station for the new airport. The depot and maintenance operations would be moved to a location out of town. Also: Back in 2003, proposed the area be Bangkok's new 'Central Park'

Map of Makkasan Depot & SRT Maintenance Center
Part I: The grounds
Part II: Miscellaneous locomotives
Part III: Garden railway project trains
Part IV: Repair building 1
Part V: Repair buildings 2 & 3
Part VI: Odds and Ends

Makkasan Depot - Part II: Miscellaneous locomotives


Around every corner on the site is another unusual locomotive...



Wrecked locomotive 4049 which crashed and burned at Si Racha. Both this photo and the one below are in the train junkyard (#10 on the map).


Locomotive 537


Locomotive 537 (#8 on the map)

Wisarut explains about locomotive 537: For locomotive 537, it is a Davenport 500 Loco commissioned in 1952. Initially, SRT ordered 30 Davenport Loco (500 HP type) from the USA to further the plan for Dieselization in 1952 (with Bobo bogey arrangement). SRT ordered another batch of 15 Davenport Locos from USA in 1955. Also locos '1000 HP locos' with Co-Co bogey arrangement were also used.

Davenport 500 Locos have the code 511-540 and Davenport 1000 locos have the code of 571-585. Very few Davenport Loco still survive--mainly as shunters. Same can be said for the 1000 HP version.


Wisarut explains about the seal: Borachat Seal is the name of Prince Purachat Jaiyakorn--the first Siamese Director of Railway Dept. He has pioneered the Diesel-Electric loco by ordering the first two Swiss shunters (No 21-22) in 1928. These two locos proved the superiority of Diesel locos over steam locos so more powerful Diesel locos have been ordered such as Frich locos (551-556, 601), Swiss Loco (501-504), etc.

Therefore, all Diesel-Electric locos in Thailand must have the red seal of Prince Purachat Jaiyakorn--first installed on the 50 year anniversary of Thai Railways in 1947. Initially, this seal was made of Brass and later on they had to replace them with cast iron since so many robbers were trying to steal the seals from the locos.


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