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Have you ever wondered what is in those old warehouses at Makkasan Station? Or driven on the expressway inner loop near the Baiyoke II and wondered what the wooded area was under the expressway?, in cooperation with the ThaiRailFan club, visited the The Makkasan Depot and State Railway of Thailand (SRT) Maintenance Center. The peaceful junkyard in the center of the city is slated to be redeveloped into a transport junction for the Airport Link Station for the new airport. The entire maintenance operation will be moved to a location out of town.

Also: Back in 2003, proposed the area be Bangkok's new 'Central Park'


Part I: The grounds
Part II: Miscellaneous locomotives
Part III: Garden railway project trains
Part IV: Repair building 1
Part V: Repair buildings 2 & 3
Part VI: Odds and Ends

Above is the western end of the SRT Maintenance Center at Makkasan as seen from Baiyoke II.

1. The foundry

2. The machining building

3. Brake and gas compressor repair building

4. Train repair building - mainly passenger bogies

5. Train repair building - Locomotives and engines

6. Train repair building - Locomotives and parts storage

7. Employee entrance

8. Derelict locomotives line this main road in front of the repair buildings

9. Makkasan Station

10. Junkyard for trains beyond repair

11. Garden railway project trains

12. Administration building

13. Spirit house for the site

14. Remains of the on-site mosque--much of which was removed for the expressway construction

15. Car parking under the expressway

16. Site entrance from Nikon Makkasan Road

17. Brick warehouse visible from Nikon Makkasan Road (built in 1922) and siding for storage of the Royal coaches

18. Nikon Makkasan Road

19. Ayuthaya coaches

20. Employee cafeteria (to the left)

(Photo: DigitalGlobe)

Aerial view of Makkasan - November 1, 2004
Nils sent in a 1:7000 scale photo (130kb) of the Makkasan Depot area
(Overall extent = 60 ha, Greatest length = 2350 m, Greatest width = 300 m).
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